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Default Why?

Originally Posted by joshuagore
About 5 weeks ago I got this crazy idea that it would be a good idea to sell my UTEC and purchase an Accessport. The ice rally/cross I was participating it really demanded the finesse of the stock ecu, and because I was on ice the power wasnít a problem. I figured I would get myself an Accessport, run that for the winter then go to a fully standalone come spring, just in time for the road racing season. I have a catless, aps top mount, vf30, sti injected wagon.

So in comes the Accessport from here on out known as the AP. Well I got the AP installed it and to my surprise without changing my MBC I jetted out at 18 psi without any seemingly known problems. Well my keen ear for knock sensed it on my second full throttle pull in 2nd gear. So I figured well, it does suggest the stock boost control. So I set my MBC at 16 psi. Knock, wow that was loud. So I replaced my stock boost solenoid and proper stock setup and left for the weekend out to rally. Well weather was good and rally was great EXCEPT for the fact that I couldnít go full throttle, because of KNOCK. I would run 10 psi with a MBC and still knock. I tried gas, I tried everything. Luckily I think I modulated partial throttle to victory, but I was disappointed. Worst of all, I couldnít do anything about it .

Except sell it.

In comes XEDE, and VISHNU.

So a friend of mine sells me his STI XEDE, which we thought could be flashed by myself to work on my 02 WRX. So I order up a harness and wait, I get it 2 days later on time as expected, shipped on the day I ordered it. That right there is a feat for any tuner. SAME DAY SHIPPING OHH n053!!!!!!!!!

So I get the harness set it up, no work

I reground, NO WORK.

I call my Dave at Vishnu he remembers I said STI and says he has to have it to reflash it to work on my WRX. I ship it to them, and they shipped it back with a new harness to ensure it will work OVERNIGHT.

Now they didnít have to reflash it for free, they didnít have to not charge shipping, and they didnít have to get it out as if I were Gary Sheehan, but they did.

Now here is where it gets fun, I install it the car starts up but there are issues. I call up Dave, he calls SHIV who is in Georgia tuning, and Shiv emails Dave and Dave emails me a map, and some advice. The map the advice and the overall commitment to quality service are the reasons why I will be hitting the ice this weekend instead of hitting the couch.

Thanks Vishnu, XEDE and anyone else who was involved in making my life allot easier. The XEDE has been great all night, I have put in a good 3 hours of tuning and feel like I am really at the power levels I was at with the UTEC except with out the switchover which is magnified by Illinois fuel (esh BP suxors Shell Roxors!!!)

p.s. before the AP bashing starts, just remember I was running a catless vf30, sti inj, aps top mount setup. Not exactly what the AP stage 2 setup was meant to power. None the less, I could have used SOME tuning ability JUST SOME. Another thing befor I go sleap. TURBOXS took care of me just like vishnu when I fried my UTEC because I broke a mounting standoff. The replaced it no questions asked. Both of these companies treated me well. Even COBB Treated me very well, there product just didnt fit my application and there solution is to late in the making.

Cliffnotes: I end up going from a UTEC to AP to XEDE and in the process get only the best customer service from both TXS and VISHNU!!!!

Why did you not download the VF-30 map? >>?<<
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