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You opened the map file in Notepad, edited it, and resaved it? If so, I'd definitely try reflashing with a non-edited map file. Notepad isn't intended for editing or saving binary data... it's only meant to edit or save ASCII text data. If you really want to edit the map file, at least use a hex editor to properly edit the binary file... a "programmer's editor" such as UltraEdit might work.

Originally Posted by 04.SPT.WRX
The response from Josh at Cobb:

We have had very informed and observant customers that have passed the same tests with no problems with the same mapping. You are the only one that has had the issue, and it has not been replicated otherwise. If we have never seen the issue before, no one else has experienced it, and we cannot replicate it, we have no way to make any proper suggestions on your next course of action. My advice is to re-download and install a new map.

Im inclined to agree here. Cobb was prompt and as thorough as they could have been investigating this issue. Hopefully this was a one time occurrence. Ill find out next year at emissions testing time.

On the WRX Forum post, Josh has added more info.

I previously did not mention here that I had added three characters in the description line of the map file so it could be read on the AP display. I omitted this so others would not do try the same thing. This is what line looks like I added the 118.

stage1 93 oct 118 COBBStage 1 for Stock Vehicles. 93 octane fuel. 260HP / 260 ft-lbs. v1.18 9/2/04

Josh thought it was OK to mention the Notepad editing in the WRX Forum post, so I now mention it.
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