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Default about the S 500

I am a international student. The S 500 is my parent's, I goto school and go out with it. I have to say, it's a great car, 300+ V8 solid power. It really goes. There is really nothing much you can compain about it. After all, its wroth 140K with all the hight tech stuff that no one really uses ( beside show off to girls). About two weeks ago, it was raining, I was trying to beat this WRX, stock. I though it would be a walk in the park base on past experience with other cars, Type R, BMW etc. At this 30 digree right turn, the WRX is going @ apx 120km, then I speed up to 130km to try to beat him, then he speed up to 160km. Right when I hit 140km, my tail went left, then ESP kick in, with the flashing lights, then I started to fish tail on the road. Lucky, there weren't any traffic and I saved it in time. This was the 2nd time I lost to WRX, the first time was with my gf's C320. And this is the very same reason why I'm buying a WRX.

Because the places for MB or BMW is different for Jap. thats why I wanted to know.
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