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Originally posted by Keiho
You wanna know what sucks? Parking right dab in the middle of a parking spot in front of a Cactus Club (Rmd) and having a seat that offers perfect viewing of my car. Well, throughout the night I saw two cars park beside me. And subsequently opening their doors ONTO my car. Fraggin' losers. Of course I didn't want to cause any trouble seeing as how one of the offending parties were fat beached whales and I didn't want to be accused of animal cruelty...and the other party I didn't even know hit my car until the very next day when I checked my doors. So because of that one glorious night I have two small paint chips on both my rear passenger doors at pretty much the same place.

From now on I'm going to take up two spaces in parking lots.
You should start to park like people in richmond usualy park.. right in the middle of two parking spot!
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