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Originally Posted by Soon2Bgreat
IMO check all your hydraulics first, rebleed everything. It's cheap and easy.
That is my guess too. Not sure if the clutch pedal or the slave cylinder (hydrualic clutch assembely) have any adjustments either, but check.

The good news:
I bet it is something pretty simple, and not something major. I'd take it easy and keep driving it, see if it gets any better.

Side note:
If the rpms are staying the same and speed is increasing, the clutch is not slipping. When a clutch slips, you are trying to accelerate and the rpms go up, but speed does not.

You might have some sort of tuning issue when the car is cold. You say when it is cold, but can you clarify what is cold? The engine, the outside temp?

Have you tried letting the car warm up to temperature before driving it, and then seeing if it still happens?

Glad to hear the car is up and running Keith. Good like working out the kinks.

Paul G.
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