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My Method:

1) Run vehicle until up to temp
2) Let vehicle cool until oil can be safely changed without burning yourself
3) Open oil plug/drain oil
4) Dump 1 quart fresh oil through engine with plug open
5) Remove old filter
6) Close oil drain plug
7) Fill filter with fresh oil & install
8) Fill crankcase
9) Get in car and run engine (watch pressure)
10) When pressure is steady...check for leaks with vehicle running
11) Drive gently for next 5-10 miles

I have NEVER had an engine suffer any type of failure on me. Record is 238,000 miles on a vehicle which was well used/abused. While the body wasn't worth anything- the engine still had excellent compression & low leakdown/wear and was crated/sold due to it's excellent condition.
I've also only ever used Amsoil full synthetic w/K&N filters*.

Take it for what you will- but that works for me and takes all of 15 minutes (minus the warmup/cooldown)

*I'll be using a Subaru filter on my STi once I get it however.
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