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Originally Posted by poison
Bull****. They say 5/30 to meet CAFE requirements. If the 'tolerances were designed for a 5/30', then why the **** do Brits run 15/50 in the same car no problem?

i love oil old wives tales: "My granpappy said..."
Well, poison clearly knows his oil. Otherwise, he wouldn't be cussing about it. I mean, if I've got someone cussing at me about oil, you better believe I'm going with him over the manufacturer's recommendations every time.

All kidding aside, I think that it might be true that Subaru recommends 5w30 to help its CAFE numbers. That is why I use 10w30 in the Impreza. The book says either is OK.

poison, are you saying that 15w50 is a good weight to use in an Impreza? If so, why wouldn't 80w90 be even better?
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