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Originally Posted by bluesubie
...dsc - What do you mean by "over the manufacturers recommendation"? Just check your owner's manual. For the FXT, there is a temp chart that says 5W30 is "preferred", then you will see 10W30 and 10W40 on the chart for use in higher temps.

After that it states: "engine oil viscosity (thickness) affects fuel economy. Oils of lower viscosity provide better fuel economy. However, in hot weather, oil of a higher viscosity is required to properly lubricate the engine." My manual then goes on to list the following viscosities for severe driving conditions: SAE30, 40, 10W50, 20W40, and 20W50. I believe most Subaru's show a similar range of viscosity in the manual.
I assume that we are talking about normal driving conditions. As I recall, 5W30 and 10W30 are the only viscosities recommended for normal driving conditions. Those heavier oils are only recommended for high temperature driving. Aren't they? I don't have the book handy, so I stand to be corrected.

Remember, just because 5W30 is on the oil fill cap doesn't mean that you can't use something thicker. All of our choices wouldn't be able to fit on the oil cap.

p.s. - poison does know his oil, he's just a little passionate.
I'm sure he does. I was just jerking his chain.
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