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Originally Posted by 02_Forester
mjalex007, How has the Unichip been holding up?
It's been great... No problems whatsoever. I've been meaning to run the car without the UniChip turned on to see what it feels like with, and without it, but I haven't had time to do a proper "before" and "after" comparison. I forget what the car feels like without it; and I've done so many other mods that the memory blurs...

The UniChip has two switches, one to turn it on and off, and the other to change the map. Turning it off, letting the car sit for 10 minutes, and then turning it back on, resets the ECU. It will also clear a CEL like I had to do yesterday when I exceeded 13-ish PSI. The MBC is set a bit too high but it's cold, I'm lazy, I'm busy, and it's cold., so I haven't tinkered with it.

The other switch allows you--supposedly--to run with regular octane gas, but I get a CEL if I try it The instructions say that 30% of cars won't be able to use the second map.

My car is scary fast, that much I know. It's ridicuous, actually. Even with performance tires, the thing literally hops when I accelerate too hard. It slingshots through every gear. I have yet to put the car on a dyno, however, so I can't tell you what sort of HP it puts out but with the mods I've done, it's easily in the neighborhood of 300 HP. Over the summer, I'll put in a new header and a bigger intercooler and then call it quites. By then, I hope to be in the 320-340HP range.

My wife calls the car the Darth Vader because you can really hear the short air intake suck air.

Short story is that based on my experience, if you do the sort of mods that most people might consider (catless up/downpipe, cat/turbo back exhaust, air intake, etc) you need chip management to get the most bang for your mods. As you probably already know, there aren't a lot of options. I was able to get my UniChip mapped by iPD specifically for my mods, so I'm happy about that.

I found a dealer in Connecticut (Fast Line Somethingorother) who sold me the UniChip for $750 (Xcceleration, Rallitek and others want something like $1200-$1500) and they sent it to iPD to do the mapping.
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