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Tire: Falken AZENIS Sport - 225/45/ZR17

Car/Suspension Mods: 2002 WRX Wagon - 2004 STi "Pink" Wagon springs, 2004 STi Group-N Strut tops, GDB Rear KYB AGX struts, GC8 Front KYB AGX Struts, Ingall's Camber bolts in rear, Cusco Front/Rear Sway bars set on stiffest setting, Helix front/rear Solid endlinks, Cusco Rear Strut tower bar, Cusco Front Underbody Brace, 17x7 Buddy Club P1 wheels.

Geographic Location: South Orange County, California

Types of driving events: None

Percent of Highway vs. City driving: 65/35


At $87/tire mounted and balanced I would definitely say these are a steal! These tires have a radical tread pattern with big solid blocks that really give them a nice grip on dry surfaces. Dry traction is easily 9.0+. Wet Traction in light rain is 8.5+. Wet traction in standing water(hydroplane resistance) is 6.0. Tramline(Tire following grooves or imperfections in the road) resistance is 9.0+. As far as noise level they aren't as quiet as the stock RE92s but they are certainly tolerable. I would rate them at 8.0+ for noise. I would rate the comfort of these at about 8.0+ since they are not the most forgiving of tires but they are quite cushiony considering their purpose. Wear I would rate at easily 9.0+ if you rotate them at the proper intervals and if you don't use them for autocross/track events. Considering how soft their compound is they wear very well. I measured them at 8/32nds after 4,000 miles. If you do then obviously you will notice they wear much faster than what I have experienced.

The only gripes I really had were the fact that they have only 1 circumferential groove(channel cut along the tires circumference to provide space for water to keep the tire in contact with the road so you dont hydroplane). They have very stiff sidewalls which provides great steering feedback. The car's body actually feels as if its leaning less regardless of suspension setup. With the setup i currently have it feels more solid going into and exiting corners than a stock STi and a stock Evo. When balanced these tires were 0.00 without needing any weights at all. If you avoid standing water or you just hold the steering wheel with both hands you'll be just fine in the rain. I can comfortably do 80+ when its pouring out without worrying about losing control of the car.

Contrary to other comments, these tires to not get greasy at all when hot. They do very well in hot/cold temperatures. You do want to run more pressure than stock though, (stock is ~32psi, I would not run any less than 40psi in these). Also if you do aggressive driving with these and you have suspension mods set your camber in rear to negative ~0.5 in the rear and negative ~1.0 in the front.

Overall I would give these tires a 9.1. They would not nearly be this awesome if they weren't such a great value.
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