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Originally Posted by Wylde Horses
No, it represents the viscosity of the oil when cold (0) and warm (40). The oil you want to run would be ideal for an engine that operates in a very cold climate (the oil will flow pretty good when the engine is cold, minimizing wear), but runs very hot (the oil will remain pretty think, so parts get the proper coating of oil). In your car in this climate, a 0w40 will be very thin on start up, thus not protecting your engine very well, but then will be too think when it reaches operating temperatures, possibly hampering how well it flows. Exotic oil viscosities will not make your car run better they are exotic for a reason.

Have a look at this page:

so 0 is the flow rate, 30 is the thickness of the oil, wut part isn't clear or i said it wrong?

oh, may be should i say 30 is the weight of the oil, then it makes more sense to you?

i want 0W40 since, i want it to rev faster and still able to protect the engine.
i 100% doubt 0W40 would perform worst then 5W30, or 5W30 protect the car better than 0W40 does
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