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Question Ouch my joints hurt!

Hey guys got a question regarding the CV joints in my MY95 Legacy sedan.

I seem to keep tearing CV joint boots. My first encounter with the problem was about a year and a half ago when both the inner and outer boot of the passenger side front CV joint tore, which subsequently flung grease out all over the place. I had it repaired and everything seemed okay. Then during my last oil change when I was underneath the car I noticed the telltale splattering of grease on the firewall indicating yet another CV joint problem. I looked and discovered yet another gaping hole in the boot and I can hear a sound reminiscint of marbles rolling around a cup sometimes when I turn very tightly. Also it seems that during tight slow turns it almost feels as though the steering wheel is binding slightly. In other words same joint, same symptoms as before.
So my questions are: How does this happen? What causes the boots to tear so easily? Is it my occasional toss around on gravel roads, hard cornering or doing doughnuts in the snow overstressing the joint? Is this an easy repair to tackle in the garage on my own? Do I have far greater issues than meets the eye with my CV joints-since I've torn yet another boot in less than 2 years time? Was it possibly improperly repaired? Any other ideas???? Thanks for your help and I will appreciate any replies.
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