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Post Suggestions to correct inside front tire spin at auto-x?

I've noticed at just about every auto-x I go to that on the really tight corners I'll spin the inside front tire. I honestly don't remember if this happened on street tires, but it's definitely happening with my Kumhos. Perhaps with the extra grip, the car is rolling more, unloading the front tire too much. Anyway, it makes the steering kinda vague coming off the corner, and obviously isn't the fast way out of a corner.
As of now the suspension is stock with the exception of an 18mm rear sway bar (this is on a Legacy) and a front strut tower brace. I'm pretty sure the way to keep that inside tire planted is to put in a bigger front sway bar, and I know those are available in the aftermarket. What I'm unsure of is how that bigger sway bar will affect the overall handling of the car. A bigger front sway bar means more understeer, so will the bigger front wipe out the benefits of my 18mm rear bar? If I then upgrade to a bigger rear bar (let's say Whiteline's 20-24mm adjustable), does that then wipe out the benefits of the bigger front bar? I guess that's kind of a stupid question, but I don't want this to develop into a vicious circle of bigger front, bigger rear, ooops now I need an even bigger front, oh wait now I need more in the rear.....

Has anybody else experienced the inside tire spin problem? Perhaps the smaller Impreza is not susceptible to this. Actually, KC, who I auto-x'd with this past weekend, lifts his inside REAR tire, not the front, so it appears the Legacy and Impreza are different in that respect.

Anyway, any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I wonder if an anti-lift kit would help to minimize this problem. Any thoughts on that?

Pat Olsen
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