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Good news, I think!

I just bought 5 copies of HyperRev: 1/#1 2/#2 2/#3.

So, Shik, you are in luck, I got you Volume 5, Legacy Touring Wagon. (I don't remember if you have the wagon or not, but that is all it covers).

Pete, did you want #1 or #2: #1 is generally BF Touring Wagons, #2 is generally BD/BE Legacys? If you want #1 we'll have to order it.

TRITuning: I got you a #2.

Bobski: I got you a #3.

Subie Gal: I got you a #3 for sure, and a #2 if Pete wants a #1.

So, I think everyone is happy here! Contact me via email: [email protected] and I'll get your shipping info (and tell ya how much you owe me! )

Oh, and like I mentioned, now that we have the ISBN numbers for the magazine, they can order as many as we want if anybody wants them in the future. (They'd probably ship too, if you were real nice to them!)

Catch ya guys soon!

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