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New to MT, huh?
OK. When you're foot is off the clutch pedal that means the clutch disk (which is connected to the transmission) is making full contact with the flywheel (connected to the engine) thereby transferring the rotation of the engine to the transmission. The pressure plate pushes the clutch disk against the flywheel.
When you push down on the clutch pedal, you're dis-engaging the clutch disc from the flywheel. They are not touching. You can pretty much floor the throttle and the engine will turn and turn (up to whatever the rev limit is set to) but will not burn your clutch because there's space between the flywheel and clutch disk. as you let the clutch pedal out the clutch disk moves closer and closer towards the flywheel until they are touching. Kind of like a clutch disk sandwich where the clutch disk is the meat and the flywheel is the bread on one side and the pressure plate's the other piece of bread.
When the clutch pedal is completely out, the pressure plate squeezes the meat into the flywheel so that the speed of the transmission is spinning at the speed of the engine. (no i'm not going into gear ratios)
it's at that point where the clutch and flywheel are starting to engage that you'll feel the car start to creep forward as Big Turkey described. if you were to floor the throttle right there you would start smelling burnt clutch because the transmission side is not moving and the engine side is spinning at 3000 rpms. That's why he says push the clutch pedal down 1/4 to put that little bit of space back in the sandwich. After that's it's basically just ease down on the throttle, ease out on the clutch till they're hooked up and go, go, go
remember learn to walk before you learn to run. Or you're gonna be crying at the dealer with a sheared off 1st gear going "what do you mean, abuse"?

BTW- holy dead thread batman. you're lucky i'm feelin good tonight, kid.
Many other forums to pose that question besides PPB. Like General, or trans, or even OT
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