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Default ej18 ej25 SWAP Dyno Results, HEADS UP!

Before a/f adjustements my car ran LEAN, WAY LEAN! especially from 4k-5k rpm.

run 3: missing (their printer wouldn't work, Ill post it in a few days), but

recorded 130 WHP 137 lb/ft torque. and a very smooth a/f curve never below 12.5 and above 13.5 from 2500 rpm +.

93 impreza LS auto with 2001 manual 4.11 Stage II SOCH 2.5.
Adjustments to a/f were made using HKS afr (awesome product btw)

Hm... lets see. Whoever said 1.8 ecu + 2.5 = rich? Think again.
Detonation at 3500-3800 rpm WOT was almost cured during 3rd run(and I thought it was exhaust rattle, I am lucky I didnt blow my motor running 87 octane). You can actually see Detonation on the dyno results. Hm... time to stop saving money on gas. 1.8's Ignition is quite aggressive, who needs the know sensor? Thanks Suabru. Anyway, I am happy, I didnt realise I was missing 15 hp on average. Although peak hp was only improved by +5 (it was a little rich at 5500rpm), the car is faster, much much faster. $80 well spent.

To all the people who have done this swap I would recommend 91 octane, AFR/AFC, and a few dyno runs. I only drove this motor for 1500 miles and they were easy "dating" miles. If I drove it like I normally do (4k-6k canyons) my motor would have been out of my car by now and I'd be scratching my head over a bent rod/failed bearing from detonation.
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