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Default Interior Color Change Tutorial: OEM Boost Gauge

OEM Boost Gauge Color Change Tutorial

What you need:
1 (.2) Lamp Cover CLICK ME
2 Flat Screwdrivers
Drop down steering height adjuster arm and put steering in lowest setting:
Insert the two screwdrivers in between the rubber housing and the gauge itself and gently pry it out towards you. Take your time, you will almost need to gently wiggle it out. Vary the positions between 12 and 6; 3 and 9 o'clock when prying:
Take a look at the black plastic tube on the back of the boost gauge, once located, gently push in into the back of the gauge. This is done to create the slack necessary to pull the gauge out. Wiggling it out gets easier the more the gauge comes out, don't get discouraged, take your time and dont scratch or break anything. Once you can catch the lip of the gauge (as seen in pic below) try wiggling it out just holding the lip. Remember to keep giving it more slack by pushing in the black "wire loom":
When you manage to wiggle it out it will look something like the pic below. The top connector is for the bulb power, the bottom is the vaccum line - its a mechanical gauge. But the middle black knob is what concerns us, it is the bulb (righty tighty, lefty loosey applies), unscrew it and put a cover over it.:
Reverse order of install to put your car back together, be sure to gently pull the slack back out.
Important Note: Some of the new-gen boost gauges have an LED built into the gauge, becuase LED's dont burn out, they dont make them removable and there is no access to it. If you dont see a black knob there is no way to change the color of your gauge. Please take a look and if you don't have one post your car info.
*MY's this applies to will be edited in here when you inform me*

Note: This is the one color change where I reccommend using only one bulb cover. This is because its not built like most gauges, its simply a halo of light that illuminates the face from the front, using two covers I found it to be too dark. On a side note, I tried blue lamp covers and it came out a little too teal for my taste, the red color seems to work far better.

Modification of your car involves risks and may void your warranty. I can not be held responsible for the modifications you consciously decide to undertake nor the results of doing so. If you believe anything is incorrect in this post or you have something to add please PM me.
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