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Originally Posted by DarthChicken
Ignore the crank enrichment for now. At zero RPM, set timing at the 1.3psi, 10mmhg, 85mmhg, and 160mmhg to zero. Same thing for 400rpm

Set fuel at 5ms for all those same cells. Save the map, downdownload it to the car, shut the down off and walk away for 30 seconds. Turn the ignition on, let it prime for 5 seconds, and crank for 5 seconds. If it doesn't catch, kick it up to 6ms of fuel in those ranges. Keep adding 1ms of fuel in those ranges, until you get to 10ms... if it doesn't start by then, it ain't gonna ever start and you have either a bad harness (which I'm REALLY starting to suspect btw) or a corrupted map.
I spent several hours Saturday doing that -- fuel map changes only, and only for 0RPM and 400RPM around 1.3psi, 10mmHg, next one to the left, next one to the left (which may very well be 85 and 160 as you mention above).

I will try again though. The battery is charged up again as of a half hour ago...

It's nice to know I was on the right track. I will do it exactly the way you state though (5 for all, then up 1, etc) as a last ditch effort. If the thing doesn't cough in those tests, something has GOT to be wrong with the Hydra or harness, which will be a great condolence to me because I am at the point with this where I feel like I am starting to lose my sanity One can only crank a car so many times in 3 days with sweeping changes up and down a range and not hear a peep from the engine before starting to lose it.

I too have the suspicion that I have been cranking my car for 3 days with a bad harness, but I am stubborn and persistent.
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