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Originally Posted by offset
I got an email from Phil (who has been very helpful keeping up correspondance on my issue) that Hydra would like to take a look at my ECU to try and figure out why the TPS shows zero all the time now.

Well in an interesting turn of events I heard from Aaron (aka Antimullet) who said he started having some minor TPS flutter issues. So he was talking to Andrew at Hydra about it and here is the response he got...

I really hope I am not out of line for posting this as it could start a big ruckus, but it might really be beneficial knowledge (especially for this thread). It seems most of us knew there were a lot of power concerns, but this sounds like it may verify that it isn't just a one or two person problem. Of course I look at this in a positive way since it appears Hydra is going to take charge of the problem and see about getting it corrected.

You're not out of line as this was posted on the Hydra forums already. While it's not a widespread problem as I can count the number of cars on one hand it's a problem that needs to be addressed. I started noticing this on a couple of cars where the voltage would drop below 12v while the car was running so I have been making a habit of asking customers to check their voltage. Hydra EMS flew in one of the engineers to investigate this, identified the problem, and planned a course of action to rectify this as quickly as possible. Even if your particular car does not have this issue it would be wise to have the unit upgraded since it will only cost you a couple of days of downtime.

Iíve already contacted some and will be emailing the rest so the units can be shipped in waves and not all at once to minimize downtime.

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