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Originally Posted by stu
you can run the stock 02 just tick the enable closed loop and enable long term learning set your lower and upper rpm limits then tick the 14.7 uhego in the the right module and you should be good also disconnect the little white connector on the hydra. I had to run my hydra like this for about a month because my wideband was bad. I would call phil and ask if that is everything you need to do.

Later Jeff
Alright, so I went back to Phil's tuning guides and the second seems to talk about the same thing...
Closed Loop Fuel

The Element Hydra EMS uses a closed loop fuel control system to maintain consistent performance and excellent fuel economy over a wide range of conditions. The closed loop fuel control system utilizes the factory rear 02 sensor to maintain a 14.7:1 air fuel ratio for a specified range of RPM and vacuum. This system utilizes a short and long term fuel trim just like your OEM computer to add or subtract fuel as required to maintain a 14.7:1 AFR. To enable this function, click on the menu bar “Select/Settings/Closed Loop” for the Closed Loop menu.

To turn on the system select "Enable Closed Loop" and "Enable Long Term Learning." Next you must set your "Lower RPM Limit" and your "Upper RPM Limit" as this tells the system when to turn on and when to turn off. The default ranges are 800 and 4350 RPM and don't forget to select the "enter" button to make the changes permanent. Why we choose this range will be highlighted later in this guide.

The next step is to select your Module Sensor Source. If you are using the OEM rear 02 sensor then you will select "14.7 Left U/Hego" for both the left and right module sensor sources. WARNING: If you are using a CEL eliminator or other mechanical CEL fixes for the rear 02 sensor these must be removed so an accurate signal is sent to the computer. If you are using the optional Element Hydra WB 02 sensor in place of the factory 02 sensor then you will select "14.7 Wide band Hego" for both the left and right module sensor sources.
But why did you mention to pull the white plug on the ECU? I wonder if any of the changes on the harness change that the plug should stay in. I will try to get with Phil on this as well for his thoughts.

Thanks bboy for the how to log info answer. BTW I personally like UltraEdit

Anyone have any advice on my stripped Wideband O2 sensor?

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