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1- Bridgestone S02's 225/50/16- these are the oem rear fitment for the Honda S2000

2- eastern Montana- this is a "summer" only tire

3- autox/track

4- 50/50

First thing you notice w/ these tires is they are wide, much closer to 235 neighborhood vs 225 (I think Honda spec'd this on purpose). These are wrapped on 16X7.5" rims, 7" rims would be a close fit IMO- 8" would be near perfect.

Dry grip- oh boy it's there Sidewall stiffness- got that too. Wet grip- don't know, my guess is fair. These are 140 treadware so they won't be super long lived- that's OK. Communicative- medium, have had more and less w/ other tires.

Around "town"/highway w/ about 36 front/33 rear- I'm pretty impressed comfort wise. Some tramlining, but not excessive.

This is kind of an obscure tire (but tirerack carries it!) that is worthy of a look if you happen to run 16" wheels.

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