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Angry NO I am sick of trying

Ok suby guru... first I posted this in aftermarket forced induction... since in my mind adding a bigger wheel on your turbo is something done after market. Then I was told that I was in the wrong fourm. So I did not argue and moved it here. Since this is something other than a factory turbo and now I am told that I need to move it to the wrx fourm.. my question is not about my wrx but a turbo modification.. a god... do I say it .. a other than factory.. after market modification. So I guess my option is for my post to be pushed around like a homeless person from one post to another or I could just respond to those who care about this info and ignore you and pass on all the answers to the pm's I got about this upgrade. Well in the true intrest of why this board is here (info about your suby) I am going to ignore you.
It is hard to belive that the only two post I have gotten from "subaru guru's are "wrong post move to another fourm" hell if that makes you a "guru" on the nasioc message board then I need to stop posting here all together and stay on Cobb's message board. Where knowing some thing makes you a guru .
**************Rant over********
Ok now for the info to the questions and you old school subys can use this info too if you want to build one.

Deadbolt charges 299 for the wheel change and 99 dollars for the wheel clip, which you will need to keep up with the bigger wheel in a td04 frame.
Now if your smart you will spend 100 dollars to buy a good lightly used turbo (I think I got my from Rallitek). They accidently sent me one with a 15lb acuator . Then I had one of our local suby techs do the port work. He has done a few other suby td04 around here. (85 dollars) Then I droped off the hot side of my turbo to get coated (65 dollars) Then once you install this turbo in your suby you can take out the other td04 and send it to dead bolt and depending upon condation get a 200 dollar credit against the work they do on the wheel swap which in turn makes the whole 16g up grade 200 dollars.
So there you have it sports fans. I will keep every one posted on how this goes and if any.. any "subaru gurus" have any viable input on my questions dont let the rant scare you off.
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