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Originally Posted by lobelsteve
I think I'd like a $10 refund as your current sale price in the Suspension forum would place my order at $253 and I paypal'd $263 about 2 months ago. I'm not sure but I think you charging like that may constitute fraud. In either case, your selling of products that you don't have is a terrible policy and I am sorry I was ever involved in this group buy. I have soured on the group buy idea completely and am disgusted at your lack of customer service and honesty in regards to products that were apparently not available when you took my money. You guys stink!

Steve Lobel, MD
Marietta Georgia
On special order items, you always get prepayment from the customer. Its policy. I work at Prestige SUBARU (Prestige Motorsports on here) and anytime we have a psecial order part, we require pre payment. Why? if the part comes in, and the customer changes his mind, we are STUCK with it and cannot send it back. Most of the performance are nonreturnable. OE SUBARU parts are, but are quite a hassel and we loose a ton of $ doing so. In essence, the customer who orders and does not prepay and sticks us with the part(s) are screwing the employees of said vendor out of money.

Parts that come from overseas take TIME to get....and when items go on back order...there is nothing no one can do except wait for them to become avalible again. It is NOT the fault of the customer, vendor or product is simply a matter of supply and demand. you can make but so much of an item in a given amount of time.

SOA had a problem with a certin pad set for the newer outbacks, Baja's and H6 Legacys...the AE160 pad set. It went on back order a month ago and the national quanity was ZERO. thats right, ZERO. We see atleast 2 or 3 brake jobs a DAY that require those pads. We stock about 10 sets...those ran out fast. We had to source them from another local dealer...those 2 sets were gone in one day. We had another few sets that matched...those ran out. There were no more in the country...what can we do? Nothing...wait for SOA to get some more in the country. What can SOA do? wait for Subaru of JAPAN to get some more and ship them over. What can SOJ do? Nothing...wait for the brake pad manufacture to make some. What can they do? Just keep on trucking making pad sets.

Right now I am having to wait for SuperPro bushings to come out of Aus as well....why? well, they are on back order....can i do anything about that? No. I have 6 people waiting on these bushings who have PRE PAID for them. I cant do anything other than wait for SuperPro to get them to me.

It is not the fault of John or 3SX Performance that you had to wait. Its not the fault of Whiteline either. Supply runs out sometimes, then you just have to be patient and wait.
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