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Originally Posted by spitfirezip100
I'm going to go with jsmonet on this one... why would an atmospheric bov slow building boost between shifts?? not only that how would it create less power?? as jsmonet states... under acceleration the bov should be completely closed..... and should have no effect on "power" at all... the bov doesn't open until after you release the gas pedal......
Well you probably shouldn't...
Its not really a question of less peak power...they will make the same...but peak power isn't whats important. The argument being made it that...with all your air thrown out of the system, into the atmosphere, your turbo now has to work that much harder to repressurize after you get back on the throttle, therefore, slower throttle response, slower power delivery, plus you will have gone rich b/c the ecu thinks you still have all that air in there... There is a significant difference between venting into the atmosphere and venting back into your system after the air sensor. Its not that hard to see why there would be slight differences in spool up...he is also making the argument that because the stock value is fine a anything below like 18psi, the only reason you would go after market at those levels, is to create that neato sound. Which in most peoples opinion is a silly thing to give up even a little bit of performance for. Plus theres the going rich thing again...
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