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Default My Expierence at the Houston National Tour

Well after I got my ass handed to me in Arkansas. I decided to come a little more prepped this time. I knew there were going to be some super fast driver there. And I was really going to have to step up my game. I came friday where they have a small course setup to do runs on. This is so you can get a feel for the surface.

I took my GF with me again, and we met up with some locals at the paddock area. Luckily, we knew the paddock marshalls so we got a sweet parking spot. Went out and did the test runs. Weighed the car with a FULL tank of gas and my jack and spare in it, doh. 2850lbs.

Just a quick pic of the test track, and yes I am pulling the rear wheel off the ground.

After that was done, It seemed I was on par with eveyone else in the class.

Friday night rolls around, and the president of my local Auto-X club approaches me asking to Co-drive for the event. I obliged. Gerry Terranova has been to Nationals I think 5 times and one twice, and trophied 5th the other time. Defintely know what he is doing.

So we walk the course together, share notes and what not.
Saturday rolls around and I'm nervous as hell. We walk the course some more. Luckily we don't have to run until the 2nd heat. I think.

Anyway. I go out and run 3 runs all within .1 of each other. After the last run I come back shaking, I have never had that happend. And I had heard people tell me that's when you know you've had a good run. I had only gained .1 over my first 2 runs. I was .9 seconds behing the leader firmly in 2nd place. My Co-Driver right behind me by .1 seconds, and a couple guys within a few tenths of him.

I was amazed how well he did considering he had never driven the car before. But I knew I was starting to get the hang of the car. Everyone is really proud of me so far, and saying I'm doing well if I'm that close to the leader. I think, yeah, I only have to beat him by 1.8 seconds tomorrow.

So Sunday rolls around. The pressure is on. My Co-Driver goes out first. Runs a 52.8, ONLY 1.6 seconds behind the leader, Mark Chiles. I nail a sweet DNF.

Next Run my CD runs a 52.0, Mark doesn't improve for the rest of the runs. So we are only behind .8 seconds now. I go out and run a 52.7. Argh, still good enough for a trophy and 3rd place. The pressure is really getting to me. I don't think I can do it.

Gerry goes out and runs .1 slower, doesn't help us any. Chiles doesn't improve. But wait! Who's this? The really really nice guy in the Saturn comes out of nowhere and runs a 51.9. ****, that means I really have to do something now. I've been knocked out of the trophies.

So I know what I have to do. I come back shaking. Bad. I didn't even look at the time when the lady handed me the paper. Gerry comes running over to me. He says, "where did that come from" I look down at the paper. 51.653

We take 2nd and 3rd. Only .4 behind the leader for the day.

Argueably the best time I've ever had at an Autocross. We then go over to Mark and gloat becase his car is fully prepped, and I still need shocks, brake pads, and oh, did I mention this was only my 3rd event on R-Comps? :haha:

EDIT: I've got an ASSLOAD of pics.

Here I am pulling the front wheel.

For all the n00bs, notice how I'm turning well before I even get to the slalom.

And again, before the cones.

And this is how not to take a turn.

That's all I feel like posting
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