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Default 94 STI L wagon

For a long time I have been asking strange questions here and been getting frustrated with the feedback. So now I am going to write this complete write-up of my plans and want to hear what you have to say.

I have a 94 1.8 litre FWD automatic L wagon with 130K on the engine. My friend used to have a 2001 2.5RS 5-spd that he put a ver8 STI block in it and a front mount turbo and intercooler on. He put some money in the heads to get a new cam and a port job. He has 450 fuel injectors and a brullen exhaust. He also has a LINK ECU. This car was wrecked. The motor and all was still good so he bought the car back and took it all out. I then bought the car to take all of the stuff I could out of it. At this point the car is a shell and I took out things like window regulators, and speakers, all of the stuff that I could use. He bought a new 2.5 RS and was going to put all of the stuff back in it. He decided against that and just bought an STI.

So he has all of these parts and told me that I could buy them from him. He has given me a very discounted price of $4500 for all of it. The whole drivetrain. This presented a few problems. 1. I really wanted to do this. 2. I didn't have $4500. I am slowly saving up for this but I want to do things progresivly. I still had the old wrecked car and I have put in the gas tank, rear crossmember, rear struts, rear brakes and rotors, pedels, and clutch cable with the slave cylinder. I have also stripped off the parts that I figure I will/might need. I.E. the front crossmember, the front struts, brakes, shifter, gauges, front spoiler (for the intercooler). I also have all of the wiring from front to back.

Now, I was going to hold off on the whole drivtrain and just put it in at once. However, my stock torque converter went out and I figure that it would be just as hard to replace that as it is to do the whole tranny (famous last words). Or at least worth my time to do it now. There are a few problems that I am running into. 1. I have heard the the ECU dicerns between auto and manual, if this is true then I might need a new ECU. 2. I would need to install the front rotors to house the new CV axles. This is a problem because my 14in rims won't fit over them. I can probobly solve this by replacing the spindles rather than the whole rotor. 3. I have heard that I need a new starter. Can anyone confirm? 4. My 1.8 is a wussy peice of **** that probobly will have a hard time pulling the 5-spd. I'll live untill I can get the 2.5.

Now for the worst of it. Both my father and my mother carry the sex-linked ressesive alleal for red/green colorblindness and have both passed on the undominent trait for it to me, which means... I'M COMPLETLY COLORBLIND! Black and white is apparently all that I see. I can't do electical to save my life. I have a friend who is a whiz at it but do to an unfortunate motorcycle accident he is bed-ridden for weeks to come. Can I pay someone to do it?

Now for the best of it. I am willing to pay someone to help coach me through this. Anyone that might be interested PM me.

Well thats it for now, more later. What do you guys think? Am I nuts? (I've gotten a lot of that)

Thanks guys.
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