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1994 Impreza L wagon


Ok, there are a couple of questions that I need to answer.

1. The STI engine is throttle by wire. I'm only going to be using the block. I still have 2.5RS intake and fuel rails.

2. My friend who did this conversion before me used the same pedels, I only put them on to do as much as I can before the conversion.

3. (To Matt) At this point I intend to do the manual conversion. I called junk yards and they won't sell me just the torque converter, so the cheapest tranny I found was 650. For that money I could buy my buddy's tranny, lightwheight flywheel, and performance clutch.

4. When I said clutch slave cylinder I didn't know what I was thinking.

5. I would buy the wheels but I just bought some yoko's for my 14 in rims and want to wear them out first. (should take a few months) So instead I'm just going to hang on to the brakes and switch the spindles. After all, if you can lock your brakes then it's your tires that you need to upgrade.

6. I don't know what "giver" is.

7. I have already made tha decision on this but want to wait untill I have the money. (I'm getting my nursing degree in under a year)

8. I know that I don't need a new ECU, but if I can save myself a whole bunch of trouble by spending $30 on a new one then I will. I'm serious, no color at all.

9. I might need the new starter, I'll see if my friend still has his.

Now for some questions.

I found an ECU for a 93 manual trans, he says that it is a "Z4"? Will this work if nessisary?

Am I going to need a new front crossmember for the new tranny? I have the one off the RS but that just makes my job harder. It looks the same as mine.

Does anyone have some cheap rims for sale with about a years worth of tread left on them?
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