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Default Problems with Service...

Sorry have to disagree! I believe they are nice to you for several reasons, 1 their your sponser , 2 the majority of your mods are suspension.

I have always had problems with Carter. Even before I got my turbo.

Service -
I went in for a problem with my clutch squeeking, the blame it on my underdrive pulley. Threaten to not even warrenty my clutch problem because of that part! Like that would even affect it. When I picked the car up, the invoice had about 1 sentence talking about the problem and 2 paragrhaps listing out my mods to my car.

Also at the same time, they notice one of my brake lines (stainless steel) was leaking. They note this on the invoice, but don't even attempt to firgure out what the problem was...a loose nut, 5 seconds I had it fixed. I know for sure they knew what the problem was.

Take the car in serveral months later, to have the same clutch problem fixed...they work on it, but again hassle me about my mods, which were now far greater then last time, but nothing too serious. They probably would have not warrentied it, but I told them as soon as he saw my car, and he started to talk about warrenty work, I told him I knew that they couldn't cancel my warrenty unless they could prove that one of my parts caused this problem. He shut up after that

Now that the have a Turbo...I'd never take my car there for service. That's just the service department.

Parts - is VERY slow on helping you if you need help.

Sales - Tried to buy my car here, bad salesmen led me to another dealership! (Unforuntaly I can't take my car there, nor know what they think since it's almost an hour away )

Long story short - I still go to Carter for parts and Warrenty work I know they have to fix. Though I would sort of be leary leaving my car there, but that's just me...

EDIT: oh yea, they never could fix my problem with my clutch, took it to them 3 times. Finally just replaced the whole darn thing with a "performance" part
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