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#1.) what tire are you offering for review (please include size)

225/45YR-17 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3

#2.) what is your geographic location

Indianapolis, IN

#3.) what types of driving events if any (i.e. track, AutoX, RallyX)


#4.) percent of highway vs. city driving

70% highway, 29% city, 1% driveway

#5.) your review and personal comments

Compared to the stock WRX tires, these are awesome. I had a set on a 350Z (in the proper size, of course) and made my choice based on the experience with that car.

Good things:
Turn in is great, the car feels WAY more responsive. Grip seems good, but they're not really broken in yet so I haven't pushed them much at all. Again, the turn in improvement with these vs. stock is awesome. Rain performance is excellent- hardly worse than dry pavement, from my previous experience. Compared to stock WRX tires, they have a very nice, stiff sidewall.

Bad things:

Ride is a bit rougher than stock WRX tires (I did go to a 17" rim as well, though) and the steering is heavier, even at speed, despite my rims (Kosei K1 TS) being lighter than the stock 16x6.5 rims. A little noisier than stock but not much worse, certainly not unbearable. Tramlines a bit (but they are a 225 vs stock 205) and they will steer a little into an off-center puddle (i.e. water by the curb) and/or hydroplane in very heavy rain (i.e. like we got slammed with last Friday here in Indy).

(I felt I had to put the steering effort as a "bad thing" but I should say that, to me the steering feel/weight is really a plus as it's light, squirrely, and "floppy" feeling with the stock tires.)

Note: The tires tramlined up north on a road with (not exaggerating) 2" deep grooves from constant semi traffic. It was a struggle, but other than that they've been great.
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