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I have a few minutes to spare so will do what I can here Some variations can be done to meet your overall goals and satisfaction level but only you can be the actual judge of that

1) I don't use the rear doors speakers; do I need to do any deadening at those doors??
--In my install guide I cover that issue, to summerize the answer is yes, just seal up the door on the inner metal not the outer skin, seal all holes and cover with the foam and put the panel back on.

I mean, I'm trying to prioritize trying to focus on three or four areas... a couple of days of work; no more than that. Moreover, I'll be trading my car in mid next year... so no need of doing a perfect job

2) After doing the front doors (and I kind of understand all the work that is needed there...); what would you do?? This is a wagon, and trying to follow Rick's instructions is a little difficult...

Lower A pillars, and rear wheel wells?? And THEN the trunk???
--Pretty much, lower A pillars are a bit tough to get to but take very litte material, scaps will do it.

--rear hatch is really next, remove the trim and seal it up like the rear doors.

--cover the wheel wells and at least add some patches of mat to the rear qtr panels, line all this with foam as well, it is for ambient and higher frequency noise than the mat is best at dealing with.

--Then the rear floor, once all that is done the next priority if going further would be the rest of the floor then the roof for those going all out.

3) On the rear wheel wells, you do the right and the left wells? Or you do a whole big thing out of them??

--Not sure exactly what you mean, they are seperated by the width of the car, hmmm, just cover them both, mat then foam

4) No rear deck, right (little obvious)...? No behind the rear seat? I guess not!

--easier in a way but wagons are harder to make quiet than a sedan except the STI of course, they take some serious work but can turn out great

5) Rick recommends doing the interior floor before the trunk; is that right? Major problem with trunk is that there are panels everywhere......
--Not on a wagon, rear areas before the floor.

6) What do you use to clean the different surfaces?? Specifically, the door outer skin???

--Nothing usually, wipe down any dust with a clean rag, if any grease or oil use solvents like acetone or laquer thinner, plenty of ventilation of course and let them dry at the minimum of 2 hours but 3 is better. It may seem dry but there is still off gassing that can effect the mat.

I would appreciate you comments on this.

Many thanks!


Most welcome, now I have to get back to work, oh wait, this is work, glad I love doing it

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