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Originally Posted by Trizzle
I'm a bit of a grammar nazi and i have to agree with perret on this one. Literally a handful would mean she could fit them in her hand. I see the word used incorrectly all the time and it usually makes people look kinda stupid. It's bad because they say literally but they actually mean the very opposite, which is figuratively.

People will say something stupid like, "he literally scared me to death!" I just wanna yell out, "gee that's funny 'cause you're still here!"

The other one i've noticed being screwed up more often than not lately is then/than. It seems that people forget about the word 'than' and just use 'then' for everything. There IS a difference folks.

/end lame grammar rant
I hate it when people say "I could care less." If you could care less, than you must care now. What you meant was "I couldn't care less."

ok i'm done now.
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