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Originally Posted by VWGrk1
Well, they do quote crank hp- officially, at least. Insurance rates would increase if they advertised the actual amount. It would probably also be a problem because the Dodge / Chrysler V6's would "officially" put-out less HP than the Neon's 4-banger.

IIRC, the Forester turbo is "under-rated" by Subaru.
SRT-4s are probably putting out closer to 250-260hp at the crank, than the advertised 230hp. A lot of SRT owners that I've talked to that have dynoed their cars are putting down around 230whp. More than likely, Dodge underrates the SRT-4 for insurance purposes.

As for the Forester 2.5XT, that thing is putting out nearly 260hp at the crank. If I recall, it's the same 2.5L that is in the STi, but making 2 lbs less boost than the STi.

I'm pretty certain that my STi is making its advertised 300hp. It has no problem pushing me back into the seat. I don't think it's lacking.

I'm in full agreement that these people claiming the STi isn't making its advertised horsepower are absolute toolboxes. Their 1/4 mile numbers speak for themselves.
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