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Originally Posted by Sinister Subaru
As for the Forester 2.5XT, that thing is putting out nearly 260hp at the crank. If I recall, it's the same 2.5L that is in the STi, but making 2 lbs less boost than the STi.
Okay, don't start rumors.

The Forester XT is not putting out anywhere near 260 hp.
It's closer to 230-235 hp (like it's torque rating).

The Forester XT has a lot more differences than just 2 psi less boost
than the STI engine (it's actually about 3 psi by the way) and
it has different (smaller) turbo, different (smaller) intercooler, and SEVERAL
other differences.
The Legacy GT's version is closer to the STI's engine and boost levels, but still has several differences (turbo/intercooler).

Forester XT's dyno less than what Legacy GT's dyno at and FXT's dyno will be skewed a bit because of it's VERY aggressive 4.44:1 gearing which makes
it appear to have more hp than it really does.

Again, realistically, it's probably putting out 230-235 hp.

Oh, and on topic...don't worry about it, but from what I've seen the STI
IS making the 300 hp Subaru claims.
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