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I dont know what the torque converter can handle on that tranny.
The stock turbo, injectors, etc are good enough to deliver plenty of power if this is a daily driven vehicle.
or is it a track car? Do you have some sort of goal in mind?

You can copy most my set up...
I had an '05 LGT before. Owned it for about 8 years, sold it a few years back. Protuned the whole time.
Drove the thing hard, and its still running for its current owner!
Mine was a manual 5spd though.

Stock turbo and injectors. It was protuned stage 2.
all invidia exhaust; up pipe, downpipe, Q300. Totally catless.
AVO top mount intercooler, GFB bypass valve. Manual boost controller.
...and i think that was about it for power stuff. Also had clutch and flywheel, brakes, some suspension work, wheels, boost gauge, Cobb Accessport, etc, etc.
but stock engine with just bolting on that bit and a tune it, ...if i recall correctly made:
287 horsepower and 330-something torque on about 18psi boost, with a conservative tune. Might not sound like much, but it was a rocket ship, and reliable.
Even with 235 wide tires (the fattest tires i could fit under it) had to be really careful with wheel spin in the wet.

If I was doing it again, I wouldnt go catless with the downpipe. It made a lot of fumes.
Some passengers with sensitive noses would occasionally complain.
The car had tons of power down low, it could really get out of the hole and picked up explosively from a roll at lower speeds, really good to drive around with, seemed like it always had power on tap whenever you wanted it. no boost lag. From a higher speed roll it didnt pull super strong but it was no slouch. I woulnt go for a bigger turbo unless youre doing driving where you need to go from 60mph to 160mph really fast.

The GFB bypass valve was unnecessary purchase, the stock wouldve been just fine. you'll want to keep it recirculating too (i did) the manual boost controller was recommended by my tuner, but probably couldve done without that as well too if you want to save a few bucks and skip those items.
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