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Originally Posted by topher88 View Post
I finally broke down and called the dealership about the raw fuel smell issue with my vehicle. I was instructed to call or email SOA. I did so the following day. I emailed them my vin, build date, and every little detail that I figured they would need to address the issue. I received an email stating that due to the fact that my vehicle was well over its 3 year 36,000 mile factory warranty that SOA could do truly nothing to help me out with my situation. Anybody got any tips to use that could possibly sway their thoughts to help get this fixed?
That doesn't even sound right. My repairs were done for free (well,I rented a car) this week, with nearly 56k miles on it. It's an 02. Give Subaru a call and speak to someone personally.
What is "every little detail"? They are aware of the problem. So imho, they just need to know the car has that raw fuel bouquet in the cabin. Typically, in my experience, you'll be instructed to call your dealer, and make an appointment, then let Subaru know when the appointment is. The dealer has to confirm the raw fuel smell, then he/she contacts the district/regional manager who makes a decision about how the dealer should proceed. From what you're saying it's a toss-up from there. But many have had the repair work done as a courtesy by Subaru.
Try again. Good luck!
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