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Originally Posted by r0bman View Post
Watching the replays again... you know what I think pisses me off the most about this?

The fact that the refs were trying to clean up the mess that was everybody fighting over the ball, and there's two freaking cameramen jamming their lenses into the pile.

After what happened to Antrel Rolle last Thursday, I officially hate cameramen.
Rolle plowed into a cameraman sitting off the field doing his job, how is that the cameraman's fault? I think the cameraman took the brunt of that hit anyway. Imagine a viewfinder getting plowed into your face thanks to the flying knee of an NFL player running at full tilt...

I'm sensitive to this, because I used to be a cameraman. The motto you learn to live by is "they'll either hate you during the job, or they'll hate you after the job". If you're a pain in the ass and always seem to be in someone's way, that means you're getting the best shots
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