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My BOV goes


There are seams in the metal outside the trunk seal, towards the front edge on both sides. The sealant can crack and allow water in. I think the factory just didn't add enough seam sealer, happens in the 02-07 models. Mine is a 2007.

Mine was leaking on the left randomly when it rained. A couple of months ago it rained so much that a tool bag I had on the left side stayed wet and started smelling like mildew really strongly. Had to throw the bag away.

I've been checking the web for a few years for pictures or some kind of lead to a sure fix. Finally found the leak yesterday and put an end to the madness, lol. Mine never leaked on the right side, even with the tiny crack in the sealant, always leaked on the left.

Spray some water and dish soap mixture on top then use an air nozzle to blow from underneath, moving around to get the best aim. Bubbles will form in the areas where the seams meet on top. This is where the water is getting in. I've seen people post trying to fix it many times and there never seems to be a sure fix. You'll need to thoroughly clean the seam areas and apply some factory seam sealer or other flexible sealant that will bond securely and still be flexible. I borrowed some seam sealer from our body shop yesterday and am letting it cure completely. It's been raining all day, but the sealer isn't water based so it won't wash off. I will touch up spray paint it in a few days.

Pretty sure this is the fix...

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