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Originally Posted by Patrick Olsen View Post
9/18/19: Tore a nice hole in the outer side bolster of the driver seat as I slid into the car. Back pocket button caught a small wear hole on the bolster and turned said small hole into a ~3" long tear. I "fixed" it with some safety pins for now, not sure what my path ahead will be. That bolster has been repaired by an upholstery shop once before, the fabric is just thin with wear and sun exposure, so I'm not sure there's much "meat" left to try to fix it again.

Frankenstein fix with safety pins.
Originally Posted by Patrick Olsen View Post
9/29/19: Hit up the Jessup Crazy Ray's on Saturday to grab yet more Subie bits. I grabbed the passenger front seat out of an '01 2.5RS so I can use the less-worn seat cover (and maybe seat foam, too) to fix up my driver seat.
Originally Posted by Patrick Olsen View Post
10/02/19: Pulled the driver seat out of the Impreza and put one of the Recaro SEs out of the Legacy in. Now I can pull apart the driver seat and the junkyard seat to make a good driver seat.
Well, it only took 3-1/2 months after pulling the seat out to get it fixed. Reinstalled it a couple days ago.

I ended up using both the seat back cover and the seat bottom cover from the junkyard passenger seat to refurbish the existing driver seat. The seat back foam is molded onto the frame, so you can't just take the foam from a passenger seat back and use it on a driver seat. The seat bottom foam can be pulled out of the pan that forms the base of the seat, but my existing bottom foam was in good shape, so I didn't see any reason to change it out.

The seat back cover is pretty much symmetrical. The only difference from one side to the other is at the bottom corners, where there are 2 flaps that wrap under to cover the ends of the foam. On one side the flap is slit (to go over the hinge), and on the other it's not. A few seconds to cut a slit on the other side, and now you can use a passenger side seat back cover on a driver side seat back (or vice versa).

I had noticed before pulling the seat out to fix the torn seat cover that my previous foam repairs hadn't really done the job - I could definitely feel the metal frame through the foam in a couple spots on the seat back. While I had things apart to replace the cover, I added some more foam to better cover the frame. This time I used 3" thick foam, so 3x thicker than the 1" I used on my first attempt. I didn't take any pics of the process, but I put blocks along either side bolster, trimmed them a bit, then covered them with more denim.

(Block of 3" foam on the left, next to the seat back with denim donated from an old pair of my jeans.)

The seat bottoms are not quite symmetrical - the back corner of the foam, where the seatbelt latch is mounted, cuts in a little bit to clear the latch. The bottom covers are also not symmetrical - the plastic clips that secure the cover underneath aren't the same. However, they're close enough that I was able to put the junkyard passenger side seat bottom cover onto my driver side seat foam and pan. All but 1 of the plastic clips fit fine. I did have to cut a small hole in the cover so one of the bolts that attaches the rails could go through.

I had thoroughly rinsed the covers from the junkyard seat out in the sink, then ran them through the wash. They're a bit wrinkly still, but I'm sure that'll work itself out with use.

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