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Originally Posted by neko View Post
...and no one from out of state can understand what the crap you guys have painted all over your roads or how to use them.

Good lord, when it takes a booklet to explain every lane on the road and when to use it, i think we've gotten the gov't too involved.
People from outside the state of utah actually know how to drive, and realize that a double line means dont change lanes.... Maybe in utah they should remove the yellow double line down the middle of roads and just have a blank space so that people can change lanes freely.

Originally Posted by SkiWrex View Post

I think it's a good idea, since 99% of other major cities in the country already open their HOV lanes in non traffic hours. And that double line no cross rule is absolutely worthless. I actually talked to Karen Morgan about this and she was telling me she's getting vicious opposition from UDOT over this...hmmm wonder why.
Apparently the state of California and Colorado have these "major" cities that account for the 1% of states that open their HOV lanes to people with only 1 person in the car.

Originally Posted by UT_Evo View Post
Seriously, Utah drivers are the worst.
+1 million
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