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Default 20 WRX - Map lights don't turn on when door is opened?

Hey all,
I recently took the plunge and got a new 20 WRX base. Been playing with it recently and one thing I couldn't figure out is how to get the map lights to turn on when you open the door because the dome light alone leaves the front seat area super dark.

From looking through the manual, I think I may have what they're calling the "type b" map lights based on the tiny, gray-scale pictures. The manual doesn't say anything about whether or not they turn on when the doors are opened (where-as it does get into that for type a and type c lights, of course), so I'm starting to think that they are actually "working as designed". But if that's true, I'm just dumbfounded as to how a nearly $30k car could not have a simple feature that all of my past, MUCH cheaper, cars all had. Am I crazy?

And yeah, I know one way to solve this would have been to get the premium over the base, but it was honestly a stretch to make this one happen, and I didn't care about any of the major selling points of the premium over the base. As silly as it sounds, if they told me about THIS I probably would've considered it lol.

Anyway, if anyone has any knowledge on this subject I'd love to hear it. I'd love to hear if I'm wrong and I'm just missing something obvious. If I'm right though, I'd also be willing to swap out my map light kit with a different one but I've never really heard of anyone doing that so not sure how involved it would be if it's even realistic. But any advice there would be awesome too.

Thanks in advance if anyone has anything to share. Have a good one.
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