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Originally Posted by GoFrogs View Post
2019 Base owner here with Popular Package #2 (includes the LED Dome/Map lights). No need to 2nd guess (buyer's remorse) the purchase of a base model. I didn't want a sunroof, and a sport pkg Premium was nearly impossible to find in a color I was okay with in late 2019, so Base model it was...not missing any feature of the Premium/Limited model other than the heated seats [old car, 04 GTI, had them].

Yes, your center dome light should come on when you unlock the car with the key fob or open your door.

The LED light, in the Pop Pkg, is somewhat dim, from what I can tell in mine, but it provides enough light to see what I'm doing. Others may prefer to install a brighter LED bulb in the dome light to make it more "daylight" or change the color to red to be more night vision friendly.

Worst case, call or visit the dealer and see if they can give you the five minutes to figure out the issue.

Question, what position is your dimmer switch set to? Full bright, full dim, or somewhere in between. Mine is set to 2-clicks down from full bright and my dome light turns on.

Do your map lights pop on when you push them?

> Forgot to mention...have you gone into the menu section of the top screen to sort through all of the options. I cannot recall, but I think there is a section in there about dome lights and duration. I know you can set the duration the backup camera stays on after you move out of reverse. Mine is set at 5 seconds, and I believe you can go as long as 9 seconds on the camera
Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah, the issue is the map lights, not the dome light (which works fine). From what I can tell, if you end up with the base wrx I have, you have what they call "type b" map lights, and it seems like that one just does not turn on when you open the doors. The other two "types" do turn on when you open the door.

I still find that hard to believe on a $28k car, but I can't find any reliable source anywhere that claims they should work and even my dealer wasn't sure and just said to drop off the car so they can check it out.

I like your suggestion of just dropping by and seeing if they can let me talk to a tech for 5 mins though because I think they're just going to tell me I'm SOL and shoulda got the premium lol.

My last resort would be to somehow replace parts with one of the other map light types that do tie-in with the door sensors. But again, not sure how realistic that is. I'm not looking for a wiring nightmare, but it does REALLY bug me how dark it is at night when you open the door.

I totally agree with all of your rationale about the base vs premium though which is why I was originally happy with my decision. It's literally just this ONE thing that's killing me :P
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