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I know necro'ing threads bothers people. But search engines pull up this thread, and I don't find much information on it. So I thought I would post what I have found here so that others who do a Google search wont find multiple thread hits and have to try and dig through it.

Ziggy's information is great, unless you want to try and figure out what other alternate triggers you might want to use on your own.

First you can use ANYTHING the logger is capturing to start and stop the log. You can chose an RPM, coolant temp, throttle position, anything you are capable of and defined in your logcfg.txt. If you are like me, you are using the website to create the logcfg.txt from the Romraider profile. So you aren't digging into who its all figured out.

The addresses and offset bits are found in the logger definition .xml. So the latest I am using is logger_STD_EN_v346.xml. I use Notepad++ to open it because it allows me to collapse the file structure. I then did a ctrl+F 'find' for cruise, and I found what Ziggy used. Here is the line;

<switch id="S65" name="Cruise Control Set/Coast Switch" desc="S65" byte="0x000121" bit="5" ecubyteindex="45" target="1" />

Now the reason why I was motivated to write this is, how do you determine what that offset bit is supposed to be? Thats the bit=5 on that line in the logger def.

So for instance cruise resume is offsetbit = 4 instead.

So my next step is I don't want to use cruise set. I want to use the cruise light. I tried using the cruise toggle, but its only momentary so I get 3 lines of data. But nothing in the logger def is obvious for that light. So now I will log each of these cruise other cruise values, mainly;

<switch id="S77" name="Cruise Control Signal" desc="S77-TCU input." byte="0x00006A" bit="6" ecubyteindex="28" target="2" />


<switch id="S133" name="Cruise Control System Status" desc="S133" byte="0x000121" bit="0" ecubyteindex="45" target="3" />

To see if one of those holds a high 1 status like the 'cruise' on light on the dash.

So I will just add this to my logcfg.txt;

; Cruise Control Signal
paramname = Cruise1
paramid = 0x121
databits = 1
offsetbits = 6

; Cruise Control System Status
paramname = Cruise2
paramid = 0x121
databits = 1
offsetbits = 0

Unfortunately with the cruise status I have to drive the car because of the cruise inhibitor when its not running or moving... But normally you can just go plug the OP2.0 in and turn the key over to power up the ECU and press the switches you're going to use. Then check your log. If it works then you can add the isvisible = 0 so its no longer logged and then configure your trigger with that paramname.

I think I'll have to go through and edit that sound it makes sense outside my head.
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