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Default Chris @ XX Tuning..

Chris I woke up this morning and checked out Nasioc and I saw a personal attack from you. Since the thread got closed and I did not get a chance to explain myself I will do it here on this thread.

#1 I was left with a bunch of **** plies when my previous tuner and I decided it was best to part.

#2 I aimed you to thank you for doing a good job on my friends Cobalt you tuned VIA HP tuners, he was pleased.

#3 During our conversation I asked you IF you where happy @ your current place of employment, and that was it. You Told me Danny the boss and yourself are great friends and that you could never do that. I respect you very much for that.

#4 I never BEGGED you to work for me, or even TOLD anyone that Chris from XX tuning was joining forced. That my friend is a huge lie. I asked a mutual customer of our hows Chris as a tuner.

#5 I even called your employer Dan and explained my situation to him afterwards about a few flower pots that where left here for me to finish up, and if he had time to look @ them. He said he was booked 1 month in advanced. I then asked him with all do respect, if it was possible to have you come down on your own time or company time and help me get these car straighted up and I would gladly pay him up front for travel time and your services.

#6 He said that it would be a conflict on interest and that he would not want to make my shop look good. He also brought up the fact of our previous conversation where I asked you if you were happy @ XX tuning. I did not deny our conversation.

#7 I did not maniplulate the dyno, thats not my style, besides it cannot be done, that is one a handful that cannot manipulate the dyno.

#8 I did not try to steal any buisness from you and your company. If a customer of yours or The Shops land on my door for advice or a re-tune.. you bet im going to help him, im not going to say (Hey you know I dont want your buisness im not here to survive) please go back the Chris @ XX or The Shop. Buisness is Buisness @ the end of the day if the customer is satisfied it pleases me.

#9 Im am extreemly happy with Big Al (Dyno Flash) he is a stand up guy and does a job tuning. Its a passion for him its not about the $$$. Yes we all need to eat but at the end of the day if he spends more time perfecting a tune and dosent look to be compensated for the extra time.

#10 I want to thank you personally on line for sending the young man down with the E36 M3. I found and repaired the problem for him.

#11 I woiuld really appreciate it when BAFOON"S jump in to bash Al and make their little comments that you as a proffesional; would not participate in all of the drama, you are a tuner and should know better than that. As far as stating I like DRAMA your so wrong Chris. I am self made and have an incredible buisness. This Tuning thing to me is a passion and does not by any means pays my bills. Its very convenient to have BIG Al their as a tunes to accomidate the growth of the performance side of my buisness. The Staff Al and Brian and myself will be greatly stepping things up on the performance side of things, since I do have a proffesional tuner in house that I can rely on. The sky is the limit from here on.

#12 This post is to let the NASIOC members know my end of the story and how I feel about things and plan I continue to help and support my customers here on Nasioc

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