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Originally Posted by pazzoduc View Post
I think that is really kinda hair splitting when you are talking a stocker. IMHO that draw to an STI is the shortcomings of the WRX have been addresses when you do want to move forward with mods. As far as daily comfort they are very very similar.
Quite possibly. I've owned neither so I wouldn't know. Definitely just from all the speculation I've heard and reading I have done. It just seemed that the STi had a lot of pricey extras that your average Joe would never utilize if they never necessarily tracked the car.

Originally Posted by Jersey Man10 View Post
I had a 2009 lancer for 3 years. Modded it to look like a Ralliart pretty much. Got an 02 bugeye Impreza rs NA and drove it a bit. Helped me understand the boxer engine etc. Was looking at getting an 07 STI but a 2011 with low miles came up and I jumped on it.

Just depends on what you really want man.
Most definitely understand that it does really all come down to me since in the end it's my choice and my money. For someone who's never owned a Subaru, I just wanted to get opinions and feedback from those who have.

Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Hmoob . . .

Given that the boosted Miata has already taken a lot of fun out of driving the Lancer, I have a feeling that any "Dad car" is going to be unsatisfying to drive with even a mildly modified STi or WRX on hand as an alternative.

The transmission issue does concern me a bit, and that's without knowing what's wrong with it or whether you're more oriented toward straight line performance/drag racing/hard street launches and harsh upshifts or more toward corner-carving, easier launches, and softer shifting.

Give some thought to how abruptly boost comes in with respect to winter driving, whether this is the difference between a WRX and an STi before you buy or between stock and "tuned" afterward. A too-abrupt transition is likely to make driving tricky under conditions where grip is lower than when it's only wet.

The transmission issue does concern me as well. I've yet to hear back anything regarding what the issue was and how they (the Mechanic?) determined it needed to be replaced. Could be why it was traded in. I'm not sure if I should take it as a warning sign to stay away or as a sign that at least I know it'll have a "new" transmission put it and that at least they discovered and did it rather than if I did.

If I had to answer and choose from those options, I would say I'm more oriented toward straight line performance + corner carving. But ultimately there are no plans to drag race, track the car or do any hard launches. But that's not to say it may see redline or what not a few times here and there.

Heck, even with my Miata and where I live I've yet to take the Miata canyon carving through the Rocky Mountains.
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