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Originally Posted by jsmaze View Post
You didn't quote the previously latest post. 2 months, BTC more than doubled (well peaked, yadda yadda).

The cryptocash thread is good, too. Guys in there aren't mining, they're nuts enough to actually gamble on it with monies! I've got enough stress in my life, no time for that.
I haven't posted in that thread because the title of the thread greatly irritates me. I mean wtf is "cryptoca$h?"

money in coins or notes, as distinct from checks, money orders, or credit.
not to mention the dollar sign? um... wut? And yes, bitcoin has the word coin in it, I know.

Originally Posted by WhiteKnightSTi View Post
Are you actually?

Or are you going to sell your bitcoins and pay for your house with a real currency?

What difference does it make?

If someone wants BTC I'll pay with that.
If someone wants dollars I'll exchange it for that.
If someone wants rubles I'll exchange it for that.
If someone wants yen I'll exchange it for that.
If someone wants Red Lobster gift cards I'll pay with that.

See how this works?

Originally Posted by WhiteKnightSTi View Post
This is just gambling for nerds. That's why 98% of the talk in these threads is about how to make money (real money) using bitcoins, not how peer to peer currencies will be taking over the world.

Because it's not.

Because if it did, governments would step in to control it or stamp it out.
Spoken like a true hater with 0 BTC to his name, or someone with a hard on for authoritarian governments who crack down on free association.

Really though you're just mad you didn't buy any when it was super cheap.

Bitcoin isn't about "making money," it's about making traditional banking irrelevant, and all other associated centralized institutions (the Fed etc...). You know, those guys who blew up the financial system and made tons of Americans homeless, then forced those same Americans to give them trillions of dollars for the service. Yeah, it's about eliminating that parasitic grift from society with simple technology.

What's truly funny is how those very same toxic institutions are attempting to ban cash now. So which would you rather use if they're both just ones and zeroes, a centralized system where a select few oligarchs issue and control the ones and zeroes, manipulating it at their will and for their own personal profit? Or would you rather use a 100% voluntary and decentralized form of currency that's not controlled by a few oligarchs?
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