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Default I made 390whp/360wtq with my set up. I expected more?

Hey everyone,

I'm really just looking for some opinions. I recently finished my built motor and dyno tuned up in southern pa on a dyno jet. I only made 390whp/360twq and ran into some issues while tuning and wanted to know your thoughts.

Here's what I have:


Built 2.7 Hydra by Element Tuning
100mm Manley pistons
Manley rods
GSC 272 Cams
Stock Crank
TGV Deletes
Super Tech Valvesprings
ARP Head studs
IAT Visconti
AEM 3.5 MAP Sensor
Grimmspeed 3 port EBC
Aeromotive Fuel Rails
Deatschwerks 340LPH Fuel Pump
Injector Dynamics 1050X (1065cc) Injectors
NGK Iridium Spark plugs
Speed Density on Cobb Access Port

Turbo smart BOV

Blouch 1.5 XT-R (Twinscroll)-IWG
3inch Inlet & 10cm hot side

Tomei Expreme Equal Length Headers & Up-pipe (Twinscroll)

Perrin FMIC

ACT Heavy Duty Street Performance Clutch
OEM Fly wheel

(I may be forgetting some things)

Located in Northern Va but tuned up at PSI Proformance in Lansdale PA.

Final Dyno pull on a Dynojet (Jan. 17, 2019)
4th gear 387whp/360tq @ 21PSI on 93 pump

When I first finished this project my goal was to break 400 to the wheels. I was confident with this set up to at least break 400whp and have torque right around the same, even on 93 pump. If I had to actually ballpark it, I expected to make around 420-430whp and 440-450tq.

Down the road, I do want to eventually go with a cobb flex fuel kit to have the ability to run E85, but it's not a necessity at this time.

While tuning we discovered that the IWG was opening up too soon. We also saw on that last pull that my clutch was starting to slip which pretty much concluded my dyno tune. Granted my clutch is relatively new, I have a friend who ran into this same issue with the same clutch. They are supposed to be rated 515tq to the crank, so I was quite surprised to see it not hold any more than 360 to the wheels.

"Wastegate duty cycles were mid 30's on hit to full boost (according to my tuner). The issue he ran into was he was 50-60% up and the turbo was tapering more than usual. If the spring was off it would have a slow PID to full boost. We had the opposite issue. The turbo was tapering more up top than usual, dropping power a tad even when hitting it with lots of WGDCs."

^(I know absolutely nothing when it comes to tuning so I don't fully understand what he's referring to in all of this tuning lingo.)

Now, knowing what I know, I have been contemplating converting to EWG's and knowing that I am twin scroll, I would need a dual ewg set up. It's rather a complex project to complete a dual ewg on a stock location turbo with this setup. A pretty penny is required (as usual with Subarus imo) to fabricate my current up pipe or have one completely fabricated from scratch to accommodate this. I also plan to invest (unfortunately) in yet another clutch that hopefully doesn't give out on me. I might just throw a 6puck disc in and call it a day, but I may also consider switching out to a lightweight flywheel as well.

Curious what are some of your opinions or thoughts on this and I'm open to suggestions on alternative solutions.

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