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Interesting conversation by passionate people on both sides. Los angles is a smog pit, but that honestly has more to do with the single worst geography and metro planning on earth. The entire city is surrounded by mountains and it keeps the crud in. Stricter laws were needed. However, those same laws are absolutely NOT needed in rural parts of country and in most cities where wind can move the particulate away. This is government thinking one solution is applicable to everybody and that is so rarely the case it may as well be an untruth.

Now, having said that, Is having clean air a good thing? I do not think anybody on the D or R side has ever said it is bad to have clean air, ever. Broad sweeping retrofitting is stupid and costly. Gradual phasing out of things is the smart way to go. Keeping the petroleum flowing fast and furious is also smart as we continue to increase green energy that can be scaled up and made more viable. As it matures and starts to produce useful amounts of reliable energy, the demand for petroleum will drop, and we can get greener while we keep the price of energy low. That is the key.

None of this will be cheap in the mean time. Expect the price of cars in CO to escalate accordingly like they have in the past. More equipment to pay for until OEM's get sick of adding so much equipment to the car its not worth building any more. The political drive to get people into EV's is very strong. I favor people always having a choice, and truthfully I think that will be the status quo for a very long time

Now, lets talk about the idiocy of not using natural gas. Burns clean as a whistle, is cheap and abundant beyond comprehension. We do not need to get any oil from Saudi to produce natural gas here in the states, that was a complete false comparison. We produce enough oil now to be completely independent of imported oil. Thank you (North Dakota and surrounding area).

Cheap energy is good for EVERYBODY. It keep the economy on high. It helps people on the lower end of the economic spectrum. WE need a combined solution to all of this and people need to think long term and stop making energy policies using emotions.

Im done.
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