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Just got back from a 4 day/3 night backpacking trip to the Sierra National Forest - Ansel Adams Wilderness (Cora Lakes).

I'm pretty beat so I'm keeping the post somewhat short

Overall - awesome. The weather was perfect (barely 80's during the day, 50's at night). Mosquitoes were prevalent but they don't bother me much (saw several people on the trail fully covered + bug masks).

Speaking of people it was oddly crowded - ran into a couple on horseback, a BSA patrol (10ish Scouts + adults), and 2 families (including some pre-teen kids).

The trail I took (Isberg) was very nice. It crossed a lot of streams so water wasn't a problem, was clearly defined and well maintained. From trailhead to the parts I made it to...all uphill...~7000 ft at the trailhead to ~8500 ft after 5 miles.

My heart was more ambitions than the rest of my body and I didn't make the distance I was planning on but still loved it...ended up picking my overnight spots by location vs distance (and feeling very good about it).

Truth be told the hardest part was getting there. The trailhead is ~250 miles from my place - the first 200 miles was a piece of cake to drive, the next 30 miles was mediocre maintained (yet still paved) twisty roads, but the last 20 miles was very poorly maintained to absolute dirt roads...roads that my Mazdaspeed 3 did NOT like. I'm surprised I made it

Here are a couple highlight pictures and a link to the full (and as of yet totally unorganized) album.

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