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Originally Posted by pxpaulx View Post
its too bad you've turned off multiple people from owning a great car that gets great mpg in an awd package - can you name a better awd car?

I've gone to 2 twins games in heavy traffic this week (along with my noted 38.x monday escapades) and still show 33.6 after 310 miles on the tank (so will be about 32mpg). The average mph is at 35.

Face it, you're still in break-in, whoever drives the car probably has a lead foot and you're probably averaging 18mph a tank. fess up! just because you have the worst mpg of any owner, doesn't mean that is what every owner should expect to get. If we told you to come back when you hit 5000 miles, how long would it be before you returned to the forum?

You live in the mountainous region of kirkland, wa is that right? the same one with elevations from 14 to 500 ft? Here in the twin cities area the elevation ranges from 1,376 feet (419 m) above sea level in the northwest metro to 666 feet (203 m) at the edge of the Mississippi River in the southeast, that would be 710 feet in range (and guess what I drove through all of it on monday, hah). its called wikipedia.
Exactly. My tundra has gotten 20 mpg 95% highway and I have gotten as high as 16mpg in urban city situations. Sticker reads 12/18 I believe. In both cases I am getting well above the sticker. There have been weeks where I have gotten well below my averages. My buddy has the same exact truck and he gets constantly 2-4 mpg less than me. It's all driving style! When I drive a little harder, my mileage plummets big time. Drive like you are actually trying to save gas and see your mileage improve. Rs under 2K when taking off, coasting to stops..etc. It's not rocket science. You drive hard you will get worse mileage. I drop 4 mpg easily on any car I own by driving a little more aggressive.
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