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I must agree with everyone else here, WI does nothing to the internals except clean them of carbon. If anything, it allows the oil to lubricate better because the cylinders are not being washed down with gasoline, which dilutes oil(assuming your ECU is tuned not to run rich for saftey). A friend has a 700 hp Buick T-Type with 150,000 miles on it, 50,000 of them with WI. He recently tore it down and it looked better inside than it did before he put the WI in. The REAL race teams that run WI rebuild their engine after every race because they are running on the limit for long periods of time. Any engine that makes 350 hp through a 32mm restricor is going to be built for power, not reliability. They have to run ridiculous amounts of boost to do that.

If you are indeed serious about these engines being damaged by WI, do you think you could show me pictures or tell me in more detail what it does to the internals? I would like to watch out for the health of my car. I need to know more than just that I will have to rebuild my engine.

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